The Romanian Association of Consulting Engineers (ARIC) is a professional non-governmental association that presently brings together and specialists in the field of design and engineering consultancy.

ARIC was founded in 1999 by the association of 24 design and consulting companies with the stated scope of promoting and developing consulting activity in Romania.

ARIC comprises Romanian companies as well as subsidiaries of foreign companies based in Romania.

Mission of the Association

• To represent the interests of the engineering consultancy industry and promote the professional status of consulting engineers within the economic, political and social environment;
• To disseminate knowledge, information, competence and resources within the sector.
• To advocate the practice of consultant engineer profession at international and EU standards.

The objectives of ARIC:

• to be the authority on issues relating to business practice
• to promote the inter-relationship of Associate Members
• to promote the development of a viable consulting engineering industry
• to promote quality
• to promote the conformance to the Code of Ethics and to business integrity
• to promote commitment to sustainable development
• to promote the role and the importance of FIDIC standards in Romania
• to promote the application at national level of the programs and strategies adopted by FIDIC’s and EFCA’s GAM
• to act as a central source of information on matters of mutual interest to Associate Members and to circulate such information for their benefit.
• to collaborate actively with contractors’ representatives
• to promote transparency and high quality professional services based on best practice principles
• to be recognized as an authority in the consulting engineering field that will monitor the loyal competition and the balance in the public procurement procedures
• to encourage the professionalism and develop technical knowledge of ARIC members by organizing seminars, training courses, workshops and consultations;
• to increase the number of Romanian dispute adjudicators
• to cultivate the passion for the consultant engineer profession.

ARIC Activities

• Organization of professional events – seminars, workshops, round tables, conferences;
• Organizing training courses FIDIC contracts / Project Management / dissemination of good practice
• Development of guidelines for the application and correct interpretation of the contract;
• Lobby at parliamentary level for the adoption of specific legislative proposals;
• Organization of committees and working groups on specific topics;
• Collaboration with contracting authorities and administrative bodies to implement unitary FIDIC Conditions of Contract;
• Support the implementation of FIDIC standards by encouraging harmonization of Romanian regulations with EU regulations and standards;
• Promoting innovations and trends in the construction sector;
• Inform members about important developments in the construction sector and other sectors in order that they provide quality consulting engineering services;
• Promote the exchange of experience between members of ARIC and major international companies;
• Identification of new business opportunities both in Romania and abroad;
• Active involvement in EFCA / FIDIC programs;
• Selling the FIDIC publications.

ARIC is the only Romanian organization member of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations).

FIDIC – International Federation of Consulting Engineers – represents globally the consulting engineering industry. Federation promotes the interests of firms that provide technology-based intellectual services for the built and natural environment.

EFCA – represents and promotes consulting industry interests at European institutions level. Especially EFCA aspires to positively influence EU legislation that impacts on engineering consultancy.  Within EFCA, ARIC is part of CEEC – the sub-group of the Associations from East and Central Europe which promotes the specific interests of the associations from these countries.