Vegetable Oil Extraction Factory – Lehliu Gara

Investment value: 96 000 000 EUR
Execution period: 2007 –2011

Between August 2007 – December 2011, Afaplan conducted surveillance of the construction of the largest vegetable oil extraction plant in Europa. Situated in Lehliu Station, Romania, vegetable oil extraction plant is located on an area of 150,000 m2 and has a built area of 84,400 m2. It is served by internal roads and a railway, each having 2 Km in length. The factory has the capacity to process 1,800 tons of rape/sunflower seeds and 800 tons of soybean/rape seeds per day, functioning 8000 hours/year. The industrial complec is incorporating 15 vertical silos of 10 thousand m³ each repository bran with a storage capacity of 32 tons, eight vegetable oil storage tanks with a total capacity of 20 thousand m³, a water treatment plant, a wastewater treatment plant and can produce 316,000 tons of oil and 340,000 tons of bran per year by processing 750 000 tons oil seeds / year .
The plant also includes a transformer station 110/20 KW (which supplies factory) and a 110 KW overhead line with a length of 4 km, which connects between the factory and the public network.